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Customer Reviews

I purchased a kydex holster and mag carrier for my Glock 23 from Discrete Tactical Systems.  Both pieces of equipment are extremely comfortable, easily concealed, and very well built.  Dick, the owner of DTS, is extremely responsive and helped design a holster that best suited my needs.  I am excited about using this equipment as my everyday carry and for my training classes.
Paul Liedtke                                

I own a number of Discreet Tactical Systems holsters and other gear.  If you want a quality, custom made holster or other gear using top quality Kydex, DTS is your answer.  Dick Wheeler takes pride in each and every unit he makes.  He guarantees a quality fit to your specifications at a very affordable price.
Dick Caster

DTS makes some of the best Kydex holsters on the market. I have 3 set ups (IWB and OWB with mag carriers) for myself and then one set each for my children.
Highly recommended!!!!
Brian N.

I purchased one of Mr. Wheeler’s kydex holsters and mag holders. I could not be more pleased with it. It is very sturdy for racking your weapon on when having to manipulate it one handed. I have used it in many training classes and I have yet to have an issue with it. It really snugs to my side which hides my weapon very well and it does not get in the way when you are rolling around on the ground shooting from different positions. It is very comfortable to wear. I highly recommend anyone to purchase one or more of his holsters and mag holders. You will not be dissatisfied. Thank you very much Dick I really love my holster and mag holder.
Very Pleased
Thank you
Trasa Robb

A Great holster, I purchased my OWB Kydex holster and mag holder almost 2 years ago and have used it in many classes as well as daily carry. It is well built and sturdy for racking your weapon off of in one handed shooting. I have used it in many classes and it has always retained my weapon and mag while rolling around on the ground, and in classes where there is a lot of running. It keeps the gun tucked in close to your body for easy concealment.
Thanks for a great holster.

Dan Mullins

There are many kydex holster and gear “makers” out there today. I have gear from at least six different organizations that do kydex. The fit and finish you provide with your innovative designs really stands out above the rest. Keep up the good work.
John Benner
PresidentTactical Defense Institute