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Discrete Tactical Systems, LLC (DTS) was founded in 2008 out of a perceived necessity.  I was at a training event doing some “Injured Officer Drills” racking my pistol on my holster, which I had recently purchased from one of the better known custom Kydex holster suppliers, and I ripped the holster in half.  Once I got home from that training trip I started looking into it, and I decided I could make a better, more robust unit, exactly the way I wanted it.  So, that is just what I did.  Starting out slowly making holsters for myself and a few close friends.  As word and examples of my holster and gear got out into the shooting public, demand increased and we’ve grown to where we are today, providing “Quality Custom Gear for the Discrete Operator”.  Eight years into the business, we now make several holster options, magazine carriers, flashlight carriers, hand-cuff cases, baton carriers and other gear to discretely and securely carry your tactical gear.  We are just starting to venture into leather, and will be offer some leather holster options in the future.  We also offer custom gun finishing, specializing in tactical finishes, and we also offer custom stippling of polymer framed firearms.

I have been carrying a concealed handgun since 1978 when I became a police officer.  In my decades of carry a concealed handgun I think I have made every mistake that could be made in selecting a holster.  I have learned through the long tedious, and expensive, trial and error method, what qualities are very important in a good real-life usable concealed carry, tactical holster and other gear, for everyday use.

In addition to myself, my Research and Development Department is made up of the instructors and students at The Tactical Defense Institute (TDI), and Mid-Ohio Firearms Training Academy (MOFTA).  I have received input from others like myself who have been carrying handguns for decades, as professionals who bet their lives on their gear every day.

Current users of my equipment are professional Law Enforcement Officers, active SWAT Team members, current and retired Military including current Spec Ops guys, current DOD Diplomatic Protection Contractors, CIA Operatives, U.S. Secret Service, armed security officers and civilian concealed carry people. People that bet their lives on their gear daily and know the importance of dependable equipment.

  • DTS holsters are crafted using .080" and .093" thick material, the industry standard is .060". My holsters are much more durable than most on the market today and will stand up to the rigors of daily wear and heavy use.
  • DTS holsters come with a 1-year Warranty covering material and workmanship. Defective equipment will be repaired and/or replaced within 1-year from the date of delivery
  • DTS holsters are custom made per individual, gun, and application in order to provide the perfect fit to meet your individual needs. No two holsters are 100% alike.  Holsters can be made in any standard color, many digital and flage camo colors and patterns, Kyptek patterns, “Realtree” and “Timber" patterns, and Hi-Viz colors (please see our "Material and Color Selection" page.

Current Delivery is approximately two weeks. Special consideration is given to active military and Law Enforcement.  Although usually not necessary, sometimes you may have to supply your handgun for a few days to facilitate the custom molding process.

Dick Wheeler - President

About Us - Company

Phone; 740-963-2372